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What! I have Text Neck!

Can I get neck pain from using my smart phone?


The answer is yes and having a sore neck from using your phone is common and the incidence is increasing.

A recent study from the Australian Catholic University showed that women who use their mobile device greater than 5.4 hours per day were at increased risk of suffering neck pain.

Why is using the smart phone such a problem?

The average weight of a human head is about 5-6 kg. When the head is flexed to 60 degrees the load on the neck is increased to about 30 kg.

The constant loading of the neck joints and discs can lead to micro strain and cause pain.

What can you do to prevent neck pain from using my smart phone?

Physio Brisbane CBD Text neck

Follow these simple steps to looking after your neck.

  • Don’t use your phone for greater than 4.8 hrs per day. This is the cut off point for women who had neck pain from using their phone
  • Have a break from your phone regularly
  • Use your phone with your hand in line of your face so your neck is not bent
  • Tuck your chin in (use your deep neck flexors!)
  • Strengthen your neck muscles


So if you have neck pain from too much smart phone use try our great tips on how to prevent this happening. If you have neck pain you should see one of our experienced Physiotherapists today to help you resolve your neck pain. Call 1300 291 133.

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